Digital Photography Basics

The Dial – Deciphering the modes 13Sep

The Dial – Deciphering the modes

So you bought a new SLR paid heavy bucks for it and then you set it in fully automatic mode(The green rectangle) and the photos actually turn out slightly better than your previous point and shoot. So is this slight change in the quality which drove you to pay 5 times the price of a[…..]Continue reading «The Dial – Deciphering the modes»


The Camera (Part 1) – Know your lens 06Dec

The Camera (Part 1) – Know your lens

So, you have bought a brand new SLR, or going to buy one. The advertisements say “With Canon 550D body you’ll get  18-55 kit lens” or you have another kit with 18-105 as a kit lens. So what are these numbers 18-55 or 18-105, look closely and you will get even more confused, you’ll see[…..]Continue reading «The Camera (Part 1) – Know your lens»